Here at DAS Connexion, you won’t have to worry about taking the time to research  the exact DAS product you need. We have a ton of options to suit any situation or need. Our decade of experience in the field is a testament to our dedication to providing the public with DAS solutions to fit any building – all you have to do is plug it in.

Though we pride ourselves on taking care of the details for you, DAS Connexion’s product line also allows our customers the ability to tailor their approach to any DAS project depending on specific need. All of our products are designed to meet IFC and NFPA code requirements and are FCC compliant. Every package comes with design, materials*, turn-up, testing and final documentation.
Our products are designed to suit the array of needs specific to any structure, anywhere.

High Quality

Standardized product set to ensure higher quality products at a lower risk to you.  Passion for delivering quality products that keep the populace safe.

Fast Accurate Quotes

A detailed pricing quote within 4 hours of inquiry.* Our fast, accurate quotes will give you the answers you need in an amount of time that is virtually unheard of across the industry.

Building Coverage

Options that keep your building plans flexible. Our antenna modules ensure that a few simple add-ons will cover your building covered, no matter what changes.

Technology that keeps up with the future.