The foundation of any DAS (distributed antenna system) is the design itself.

The design needs to balance both wireless performance and constructability, each of which must be considered equal partners to the overall success of a project. DAS Connexion approaches every design from the constructability first.


We understand that if you can’t install it feasibly, then the overall wireless performance may not matter. Using best in class instruction standards, building modeling software such as AutoCAD, BIM, and Revit, our engineering professionals will produce an easy and low-risk installation design.


Realizing that you can build it and they may not come, the RF performance and coverage component of the design must meet all of the stakeholder’s requirements. This includes the cellular carriers, public safety agencies, building owners, and the wireless end-users. Because of this, we can ensure a cohesive transition and minimal friction from outside players.


DAS Connexion guarantees that all fire codes and carrier technical requirements will be met, ensuring that every design is 100% successful in meeting its coverage goals. DAS Connexion approaches every design with confidence that it will be the best quality for you.

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