Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Products

Our mission is to provide you with a service that will not only protect you and your patrons, but also meet requirements put forth by the IFC (International Fire Code) and local authorities. After development and application of the DAS (Distributed Antenna System), regulations necessitating it have spread rapidly across the country, with some municipalities requiring yearly inspections and reports to satisfy code requirements. As time goes on, we anticipate that this will become a requirement to meet IFC (International Fire Code) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) fire codes everywhere in the U.S. We intend to fulfill the need for safety with the same amount of passion that we had when we began. Our products are designed and manufactured in a modular fashion and include 5 modules. 


Signal Source Module

This system can accept an RF (Radio Frequency) input from a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) fed from a rooftop donor antenna.  This repeater is the universal choice for selective transmission of interleaved sub-bands for amplification of radio signals within multiple frequency bands.

CSI-AY 746-896

Riser Module

This module includes a donor antenna, riser cables, splitters and connectors.  The antenna is mounted to the roof, within view of a communications tower.  Depending on the frequencies and location towers, supporting multiple wireless services often require multiple donor antennas. Riser rated cables have a closed-cell, foam-polyethylene dielectric with a PE jacket.

Antenna 2

Horizontal Antenna Modules

Each module includes plenum rated air coaxial cable, antennas, and power splitters and is intended to expand coverage in a building.


Vertical Antenna Modules

Each module includes plenum rated air dielectric coaxial cable and omnidirectional cables, antennas, and power splitter and is intended to expand coverage in a building where the coverage is vertically contiguous to the source or adjacent module.


Integrated Modules Enhancement

Each module comes with our standard design and support services, which includes RF Design, schedule coordination, trade integration documents, AHJ and carrier technical coordination services.

We offer three different options to customize your experience in order to tailor our product to suit your building’s needs.

Express Line

Industry-first, with the ability to design and ship an emergency responder distributed antenna system within 48 hours**. That turnover is exponentially faster than any other system provided by any company in the industry. This line is comprised of all of the items from the module family to ensure a system that works quickly and easily.

Value Line

For those buildings where an emergency responder radio system may or may not be required. Construction teams are challenged by the inability to really know if a distributed antenna system will be required in all or part of the building they are constructing. You cannot, with any level of certainty, know if you’ll need an emergency responder radio system until weeks before occupancy. This product provides the best opportunity to reduce potential expense but also raises risk because of the compressed schedule and potential trade coordination impacts.

Assured Line

Designed for buildings that are still in the early design phases. We understand that things can change unexpectedly, and the Assured line is your contingency plan. This line comes with all trade, reflective ceiling plan, coordination, AutoCAD integration, and project management. This flexible plan places antennas out of sight, ensuring a minimal impact on the ultimate design and additions to any building in progress while still delivering optimal RF signals to the entire structure.

100% Coverage Guarantee 

4 business hour firm-fixed pricing

Our mission is to provide distributed antenna systems (DAS) using highly innovative products and processes that successfully deliver added value to our partners, employees, and customers.

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