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For just a moment, imagine that you're at work and the fire alarm goes off. What's the first thing you grab? Your cell phone, of course. In the 21st century, that's the first thing about 95% of us would reach for in an emergency. Our greatest concern is for safety of those in your building. If there is a real emergency happening and there are people trapped in a building, the last thing anyone wants is a limited service area for firefighter and other first responders two way radio communication or your cellular devices. In a post 9/11 world, everyone understands the need for reliable, continuous service to satisfy the desires of the public and for safety purposes.

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Our mission at DAS Connexion is not only to provide world-class service, but also to give you and your patrons the safety you deserve and the service you expect from experts in the field.  We are here to solve all of your coverage problems while simultaneously keeping everyone in your building as safe as possible.

What is DAS?

DAS, or a distributed antenna system, is a network of antennas spread throughout a building and connected to a source module in order to provide expanded wireless service in a given area.  Wireless service, in our case, covers cellular and two way radio frequencies serving emergency personnel like firefighters or EMTs. 
Using multi-floor antennas, amplifiers, and state-of-the-art technologies, DAS Connexion can provide you the DAS service you need with quality products, warranties, and related services.
Put simply, DAS gives your building a massive signal boost without having to change construction plans or risk code compliance or cellular connectivity. DAS is something everyone, everywhere can benefit from in a very direct way. Employees won't have to spend their lunch breaks in the stairwell searching for a signal and your building can be easily updated to meet IFC (International Fire Code) standards. That's a change everyone can get behind.
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How can it improve my business?

DAS is essential to any business that has a handheld device on the premises. Have you ever lost signal in a large building when you ABSOLUTELY needed it to perform essential business transactions? Do you live in a state where DAS is required to adhere to fire codes and regulations?

How will it make my life easier?

DAS Connexion will help you get the ball rolling when it comes to adhering to city fire codes and expanding cell service inside your building. Your employees and patrons will notice an immediate difference from the day before installation to the following day. Suddenly, they won’t have to go to that special corner by the vending machines to conduct phone calls. Not only does it save them time, it makes your business more efficient. Everyone can get behind that kind of change.

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Our mission is to provide distributed antenna systems (DAS) using highly innovative products and processes that successfully deliver added value to our partners, employees, and customers.