About Us

Our mission is to provide distributed antenna systems (DAS) using highly innovative products and processes that successfully deliver added value to our partners, employees, and customers.


DAS Connexion’s roots were established from Ryan Foucault, President.

DAS is a relatively new technology, comparatively speaking.


Over a decade ago, a municipality established city codes to ensure that radio signal could penetrate the inner reaches of local buildings, in case of emergency. My team and I were tasked with finding and refining technology to make that possible for them. After development and application of the DAS in the city, regulations necessitating it spread rapidly across the state and into the rest of the country, with some municipalities requiring yearly inspections and reports to satisfy code requirements. As time goes on, we anticipate that this will become a requirement to meet fire code everywhere in the U.S. We intend to fulfill that need for safety with the same amount of passion that we had when we began.
With the advent of cellular technology and its mass adoption the need arose to enable mobility and wireless broadband connectivity throughout a building. Today’s mobile devices and in the future the Internet of things or Internet of everything will demand wireless broadband connection contiguously throughout a building. Due to the fact we are building buildings in a sustainable manner by using Low E glass and reflective insulation we are inhibiting radio frequencies from penetrating buildings they normally would’ve in the past. This isn’t the cellular carriers problem, it is simply how we are constructing our buildings. At DAS Connexion, we deliver over 10 years of distributed antenna system experience covering hundreds of millions of square feet of enhanced wireless coverage. We deliver radio coverage and cellular connectivity in buildings like airports, hotels, high-rise residential, manufacturing, dams, office buildings, museums, hospitals, universities, stadiums and countless other commercial types of buildings. With customers ranging from government, Fortune 100, nonprofit, building developers, and other enterprises, our history of delivering amazing customer experiences in the industry is second to none.